Corporate Wellness

Employment expenses are the largest single line item for most businesses today. Corporate Wellness programs offered by Beacom Health will protect the most important assets you have — your people. Implementing wellness initiatives can assist businesses in realizing savings of up to six to seven figures each year. Our programs focus on meaningful outcomes and measurable results to provide the most efficient, convenient and effective care possible. Reduce stress, minimize lost time and increase productivity with a Corporate Wellness program suited to your specific business environment.

“Occupational health usually involves screening for health conditions known to be associated with a particular industry and treating health problems in the workplace as they arise. It is becoming more common to see an emphasis on wellness in the workplace, because it works. It reduces health care costs and results in a healthier work force.” – Susanna Von Essen, M.D., M.P.H., University of Nebraska Medical Center Professor College of Medicine and College of Public Health Professor

The shift towards consumer-driven health plans aligns perfectly with the customized care available from Beacom Health. You will be able to offer your employees the added value of supplemental benefits such as on-site health risk screenings, blood pressure and diabetes tests, and lipid screenings. Dr. Beacom will come to your location, saving you both time and money. Now your employees can receive a health checkup during lunch instead of taking an afternoon off from work. Health Risk Assessments can benefit your company bottom line as much as your employees’ health by providing the possibility of up to 15% or more discounts on Health Insurance Premiums. Additionally, Beacom offers pre-employment drug and alcohol screenings and ongoing compliance exams to further aid your business in decreasing risk.

Beyond health screenings, you may also have the opportunity to offer physician-led “Lunch ‘N’ Learns” to educate your employees on health, nutrition, fitness, well-being and safety. Your highest-ranking associates will benefit from thorough Executive Physical Programs, increasing wellness and productivity for those you can least afford to lose. Beacom Health provides the definitive wellness experience for your business.

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