When I began practicing medicine in Fremont 9 years ago, my priority was focused on patient care and helping individuals maintain a healthy quality of life. That same focus is more important to me today than ever.

For a few years now, I have been contemplating a change. I have researched practice models that are evolving around the country that facilitate physicians being able to deliver more focused care and individualized attention to their patients. The reality is that our current medical model does not allow physicians to invest the time to cultivate trust, focus on wellness, and foster communication and relationship building with our patients.

I have a vision of a practice where physicians and patients are partners in their healthcare. Celebrating accomplishments and struggling with failures – together. I am driven to create an environment where medicine can be delivered in a pure and reliable environment that is your medical home despite political challenges threatening the future of medicine.

At the end of my career, I want to be proud of the contributions that I have made to my career, my family, and my faith. This transition is a purposeful reprioritization of my life, seeking new professional opportunities to challenge myself as a physician and serve my community, and to be deeply connected to my wife and children. It would be my privilege to be your physician.


Matthew A. Beacom, M.D.

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