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Beacom Health operates at the forefront of healthcare innovation. Dr. Beacom and Clinical Research Coordinator Wendy Olson have implemented or contributed to over 30 clinical trials that have helped shape modern medications, including the areas of physical fitness, myocardial infarction prevention, congestive heart failure and influenza studies. Dr. Beacom and Ms. Olson have participated in both domestic and international studies.


“Dr. Beacom’s research through clinical trials has allowed him to gain a greater understanding of the more prevalent medical issues. This translates into the most up-to-date information for his patients.” – Jeff Kuhr, Ph.D., Mesa County Health Department Public Health Director

Clinical trials are health-related research studies that determine the impact of new medications and treatments. Participating individuals are assigned to a treatment and observed for their reaction. Their outcomes are then recorded and measured. Clinical studies cover a scale of Phase I, II, III and IV. Each phase higher on the scale represents a point progressively closer to market.

Dr. Beacom participates in a wide array of clinical research trials in Phases II, III and IV. As one of a limited number of those in the region trained in Phase II trials, he is able to affect research at an important developmental stage. Phase II trials take place directly after lab testing (Phase I) and before medications are even given a name. They are focused on evaluating the effectiveness and safety of an experimental study drug or treatment. Being involved at these earliest stages puts Beacom Health at the innovative center of new research; not only learning about breakthrough new therapies, but facilitating their development as well. Dr. Beacom and Wendy Olson’s work in clinical research gives them the freshest perspective on modern medicine, and that superior knowledge can then be passed on to the patient population of Beacom Health.

Dr. Beacom has contributed to medical advancements for the following companies:




Bristol-Myers Squibb

Boehringer Ingelheim

Daiichi Sankyo

Forest Laboratories



Novo Nordisk


Romark Laboratories

Sanofi Aventis


Please contact our office to learn more about current and upcoming clinical research studies.

Contact Wendy Olson at Beacom Health’s clinical research office line, 402.727.1955, or by e-mail at

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