Family Medicine

Beacom Health invites you to go beyond the standard clinic visit to discover a powerful new dynamic with your doctor. Rather than scheduling an appointment only to get a prescription filled, at Beacom Health you will have the opportunity to establish a relationship of trust and mutual respect with your doctor, allowing you to find the root of any problem and end the “Band-Aid” mentality of modern medicine. Services are designed to fit your needs by collaboratively working together and establishing balance in your physical, emotional and spiritual lives.

“It’s about the total patient, the understanding, relationship-driven, care prevention. It’s not simply having a practice where you’re reactively treating symptoms, but getting proactive about helping people live a healthy lifestyle.” – Trev Alberts, Director of Athletics, University of Nebraska at Omaha

At Beacom Health, you will find not a stale office environment, but a medical home. As part of a limited patient panel, you will receive customized attention and complete accessibility to Dr. Beacom, including his office and cell phone numbers and personal e-mail address. This unique relationship-driven, personalized environment allows us to cater to each individual, treating the person and not the disease. Office visits can be scheduled within 24 hours, and during times that fit your busy lifestyle. Dr. Beacom’s roster of 400 patient members is 1/10th the size of most family practices; this number allows him to provide thorough, personal attention and best-of-class service to you and your family. Through a focus on wellness and preventative care, you can rediscover happiness and fulfillment in reaching a healthier life.

Experience the difference in care for yourself at Beacom Health.

Membership fees are $750 per year (Individual), $1,000 per year (Couple) or $1,250 per year (Family). Monthly or annual payment plans are available.

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